11 - 16 September 2022, Arcachon, France


On behalf of the organizing committee of the 29th International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies (ALT’22) which  will be held in the congress center  of Arcachon,  France, 11-16 September 2022, we kindly invite you to participate at this scientific event. Above scientific interests, being located in the south-west of France, next to the Atlantic Ocean, Arcachon site and the surrounding bay area provide the opportunity for the conference attendees to spent enjoyable time.

Following on from previous ALT editions, the ALT'22 conference aims to bring together presentations on fundamental as well as applicative aspects of innovative laser technologies along with their scientific and hi-tech industrial applications. Fundamental topics include laser-matter interaction, photonics, nonlinear optics, plasmonics, physical optics, etc. Applicative topics include material laser processing and writing of surface and bulk modification and functionalization, high- power and/or high repetition rate lasers, biomedical laser applications, optical materials, etc.

Together with these historical ALT topics, a highlight on high power lasers (inertial confinement fusion class laser facility) and applications will be addressed. The attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Laser Megajoule, one of worldwide largest energy delivering laser facility. Some invited presentations will also cover this topic, including the laser-plasma interaction and the laser induced solid-to-plasma transition, the latter bridging the usual ALT topics.

ALT'22 will be also an opened forum for discussions on technological bottlenecks, enabling concepts, original ideas, and networking.