Advanced Materials for Optics and Optoelectronics


September 4-7, 1995 Prague, Czech Republic


      Key Topics
  • Fundamentals of laser radiation interaction with biological objects
  • Laser diagnostics and clinical methods
  • Laser-assisted technologies of biocompatible materials
  • New laser systems for biomedical applications


  • General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia
  • Institute of Physics, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic




Conference Chair

Alexander M. Prokhorov, Russia

Program Committee Co-ciars

Paul Leiderer, Germany
Anatoly Sukhorukov, Russia
Miroslava Vrbova, Czech Republic
Miroslav Jelinek, Czech Republic

Organizing Committee Chair

Vladimir Pustovoy, Russia

International Program Committee

E.I. Akopov (Russia)
E.I. Akopov (Russia)
V.V. Apollonov (Russia)
P. Atanasov(Bulgaria)
T.T. Basiev (Russia)
D. Bauerie (Austria)
A.M. Bonch-Bruevich (Russia)
T.J. Chuang (Taiwan)
E.M. Dianov (Russia)
V.S. Dneprovskii (Russia)
M. Ducloy (France)



D. Krol (USA)
C. Fotakis (Greece)
Yu.V. Kopaev (Russia)
I.N. Kompanets (Russia)
V.I. Konov (Russia)
A. Luches (Italy)
A. Maslov (Russia)
I. Mihailescu (Romania)
W.A. Sibley (USA)