Invited talks⯈


Dmitry A. Zimnyakov
Yury Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov, Precision Mechanics and Control Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
"Laser-pumping-based control of dielectric properties of dispersive nanosystems in the optical range"

Irina Zavestovskaya
Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, Moscow, Russia

Viktor Timoshenko
Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, Moscow, Russia
"Optical monitoring of Si nanoparticle evolution in aqueous media for biomedical applications"

Sergey Klimentov
Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, Moscow, Russia

Taras Kononenko
General Physics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia
“Improvement of diamond surface laser microprocessing by means of absorbing coatings”

Nadejda Bulgakova
HiLASE Centrum, Czech Republic
“Effects of spatiotemporal coupling in ultrashort laser pulses upon volumetric modification of transparent dielectrics”

Maria Farsari
IESL-FORTH, N. Plastira 100, 70013, Heraklion, Crete, Greece 
"Functional 3D Nanostructures"

Razvan Stoyan
University of Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne, France
“Nanoscale processing using ultrafast laser engineered beams”

Stephane Guizard
LSI CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique
“Experimental investigations of fundamental mechanisms involved in femtosecond laser modification of dielectric materials”

Andrei Ionin
Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia
“High-Throughput Microfabrication by Ultrashort Laser Pulses”

Nicloas Charipar
Applied Materials and Systems Section Materials Science and Technology Division Naval Research Laboratory, USA
"Optoelectronic Applications of Vanadium Dioxide"

Guillaume Duchateau
Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications (CELIA CNRS), University of Bordeaux 
"Evidence of non collisional femtosecond laser electron heating in dielectric materials"

John Lopez
Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications (CELIA CNRS), University of Bordeaux 
"Improved laser glass cutting by spatio-temporal control of energy deposition using bursts of femtosecond pulses"

Koji Sugioka
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, Japan
“3D microfluidic SERS chips fabricated by all-femtosecond-laser-processing”

Eiji Takahashi
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, Japan
"TW-scale Mid-IR femtosecond laser”

Vadim Veiko
ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sergay Mulenko
Kurdyumov Institute of Metal Physics , Ukraine
“Laser synthesis of 2D structures with variable band gap for thermo-photo sensors with high sensitivity received in the reaction of chromium atoms with methane molecules ”

Mark Sentis
Aix-Marseille University, LP3 - Lasers, Plasmas et Procédés Photoniques 
“Laser matter interaction in the relativistic regime to produce a high photon K? Mo x-ray source”

Xermán de la Fuente Camy
ICMA (CSIC-Universidad de Zaragoza), Zaragoza, Spain
„Sub-ns Laser Surface Structuring of Metals” 
(????????? ?? ?????? Laser systems and materials)

Kabashin Andrei
Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, LP3, 13288, Marseille, France
“Nanostructured plasmonic metamaterials for ultrasensitive optical biosensing”


Herbert Schneckenburger
Aalen University, Germany 
“Optical 3D microscopy for visualizing a chemotherapeutic agent”   

Roberto Pini
Institute of Applied Physics (IFAC-CNR), National Research Council of Italy.
“Plasmon-enhanced Raman detection of neurodegenerative biomarkers” 

Elena Perevedentseva
National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Mikhail Kirillin
Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
“Perspectives of dual-wavelength photodynamic therapy controlled by optical monitoring» 

Jesper Glückstad
DTU Fotonik, Denmark
“Biophotonics at Small Scales using Structure-mediated Light Robotics” 

Lev Perelman
Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging and Photonics, Harvard University, USA 
“Detecting structural alterations in cancer progression with label-free spectroscopy” 

Rinat Esenaliev
University of Texas Medical?Branch at Galveston, USA

Natan Shaked
Tel Aviv University, Israel
“Quantitative phase microscopy spatial signatures of cancer cells” 

Ekaterina Borisova
Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
“Photodetection of stress-induced gastro-intestinal lesions in experimental animals»

Turgut Durduran
ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain

Kirill Zaytsev
Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia
“A potential of optical coherence tomography and terahertz pulsed spectroscopy for intraoperative diagnosis of brain tumors”.

Oxana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya
Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia
“Photodynamic opening of blood-brain barrier: non-invasive approaches and age differences”

Elina Genina
Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia
“Optical properties of rat brain tissue in normal and at different stages of glioma development”

Alexander Priezzhev
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia 
“Advanced laser-optic techniques for the study of blood structure and dynamics”

Yury Kistenev
Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia
“Medical applications of THz and IR imaging and machine learning”

Elena Zagainova
Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

Luis Oliveira
Polytechnic of Porto, Porto, Portugal
“Kinetics of optical properties of human colorectal tissues during optical clearing – a comparative study between normal and pathological tissues” 

Grigory  Gelikonov
Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
“Spectral distortion measuring and correction in SD-OCT”


Airán Ródenas
Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IFN-CNR), Milano, Italy
“Photonic Engineered Crystals: Laser Crystals with Embedded Sub-Wavelength Nanophotonics”

Haohai Yu
Shandong University, Jinan, China
“Nonlinear optical properties of Langasite crystals”

Pavel Loiko
ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia
“Monoclinic monotungstates - novel efficient laser materials”

Venkatesan Jambunathan
HILASE Centre, Prague, Czech Republic
“Spectroscopy and laser operation of Yb doped materials at cryogenic temperatures”

Peter Schunemann
“New Materials for Efficient Mid-Infrared Laser Sources”,

Valdas Pasiskevicius
Department of Applied Physics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
“Advances in backward-wave optical parametric oscillators”,

Weidong Chen
Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
“Robust optical vortex beam generation from diode-side-pumped solid-state lasers”,

Uwe Griebner,
Max-Born-Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy, D-12489 Berlin, Germany
“Few-cycle, millijoule, 5 µm optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier at a 1 kHz repetition rate"

Zsuzsanna Heiner,
Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany
“High resolution and sensitivity broadband vibrational sum-frequency generation spectrometer at 100 kHz and its bioapplications” 

Ivan Shcherbakov, Vladimir Tsvetkov
Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS 
"High-power slab laser systems with diode pumping"

Kentaro Miyata
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, Japan
“High-power, narrow-linewidth DUV laser source for advanced semiconductor inspection”

Patricia Segonds* and Benoit Boulanger
Université Grenoble Alpes/CNRS, Institut Néel, France
“Recent studies on new nonlinear crystals generating mid-infrared parametric light”

Vladimir A. Lazarev
Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia
“Prospective mid-IR solid-state laser sources for technical and medical applications”

Fabian Rotermund
Department of Physics, KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea
“Nanocarbon Q-switched and mode-locked compact solid-state lasers near 1 um”

Patrice Camy
Centre de recherche sur les Ions, les Matériaux et la Photonique (CIMAP), Caen, France
“2.3 ?m laser emission in Tm-doped crystals”

Javier Cuerda
Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, Madrid, Spain
“Plasmon-induced narrowband emission and multiline operation from a solid-state nanolaser”

Byoung S. Ham
EECS, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, S. Korea
"All-optical associative memory”

Ginés Lifante
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
“Ridge waveguide laser of Nd doped KGd(WO4)2 on SiO2 platform using saw dicing”


Aladar Czitrovszky 
Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary
“Laser diagnostics of aerosols”

Alexander Milekhin
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Russia
“TERS spectroscopy of CdSe nanocrystals on Au nanostructural surfaces”

Alex Rozhin
Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies, UK
“Carbon nanomaterials for bio-medical applications: material functionalization and optical diagnostics”

Nabiha Ben Sedrine
Departamento de Física & I3N, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

“Laser spectroscopy of III-V nanostructures for optoelectronic applications”

Attila Nagy
Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the H.A.S., Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, Budapest, Hungary
“Characterisation of the aerosol plume released during laser tissue interaction”

Miklos Veres
Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
“Surfaced enhanced Raman scattering for biological applications”

Elena Mishina
MIREA-Russian Technological University, Moscow, Russia
“Optical Spectroscopy and Kinetics of Photoinduced Carriers of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides”

Leonid Golovan
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
“Effect of Polymer on Photoluminescence of CdSe Quantum Dots in Amorphous and Liquid-Crystal Matrices”


Boris Knyazev
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS
, Russia
"Beams with non-zero projection of the orbital angular momentum in the terahertz range: a review"

Aleksandr Ushakov, P.A. Chizhov, V.V. Bukin, A.B. Saveltv, S.V. Garnov
A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia
“Broadband in-line 2D Imaging with different data processing”

Valery Lobanov, A.V. Cherenkov, A.E. Shitikov, N.M. Kondratiev, G.V. Lihachev, N.G. Pavlov, A.S. Gorodnitskiy, M.L. Gorodetsky
Russian Quantum Center, Moscow, Russia
“Generation and Control of Dissipative Kerr Solitons in Optical Microresonators by Pump Modulation”

Igor Perezhogin, K.S. Grigoriev, N.N. Potravkin, Vladimir Makarov
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
“Sum-frequency generation in isotropic chiral material in case of high conversion efficiency.”

Tae-In Jeon
Korea Maritime and Ocean University
“Remote gas sensing using long distance THz pulses propagation in the atmosphere”

Il-Min Lee
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
„Recent progress in continuous-wave-based terahertz technologies for industrial applications

Sunao Kurimura
National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, JAPAN
“Nonlinear optical waveguides: its performance and applications”

Vladimir Vaks
Institute for physics of microstructures RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

"High resolution THz spectroscopy based on semiconductor superlattices and quantum cascade lasers”

A.V. Balakin
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
“THz wav? generation from liquid nitrogen"